7/15 poem

Welcome to Taco Bell, how are you?
I LOVE you!
What would you like?
For you to know how brilliant and beautiful you are, you gifted and precious human being!
Is there something on the menu you would like to order?
I’d like a burrito supreme flavored with your most recent tears of joy!
A burrito supreme, anything else with that?
I’d also like the cantina steak bowl held by a pair of hands that have given themselves to such holy work as greeting a thousand strangers a day, loving their souls through a microphone while they stare at a menu as if they could want anything more than to know that you were blessed enough to wake up this morning, good God you are beautiful, and very soon I will know it when I pull around to pay at your window.
A burrito supreme, a cantina steak bowl, and anything else?
Bless your midnight.
Any sauce?
May your dreams be kissed by God.
That’ll be $7.96 at the window.  Please pull ahead.
Thank you, my heart is speeding, this basket of stones, my dark breaking heart—


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