6/15 Poem

Nerve Endings

Awaken the paper cut.
Awaken the burst of boil from the kitchen pot.
The wet nose and hot breath of dog.
The sting of flu shot needle.

The piercing thud of coffee table into fibula.
The slapped face, the momentary beehive.
The negative wind chill greeting the neck at the door.

Awaken the tickle of tear down cheek.
The holler of torn thumbnail.
The shudder up the back.
The rising hair.

The tongue drawing a path up the chest.
The tongue digging below the hips.
The tongue vibrating to the hum of the larynx.
The larynx opening to transmit signals shouting
from everywhere in the body.

Awaken the cool from the ceiling fan.
The swallow of sun through bedroom glass.

The aftershock of ecstasy, the slowing beat,
the simmered blood. The fingertip tracing the scar.


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