3/15 poem

Gunmen Rape 6 Tourists Near Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco Mayor Luis Walton condemned the attack during a Tuesday news conference and vowed to apprehend those responsible as world attention homed in on Pacific port city.
He called it regrettable, apologized for the gunmen’s attack and said it would probably affect the image of Acapulco, which derives much of its revenue from tourism.
“We know that it’s very unfortunate what has happened, but it happens anywhere in the world,” said Walton.
                                     –quoted from an article on cnn.com

Here, where the sun licks your skin
with the sweet scent of enter,

where the ocean waters tongue your toes
in a lullaby of salt,

where anyone can arrive in Mexico
and forget they are in Mexico,

here. You are welcome. Yes,
we have room for you. Come.

And we promise, when the shaking
in your shower has ended,

when the memory of guns and men
and laughter is finished,

please, speak to them of the water,
the rippled and succulent blue,

yes. They will imagine the faces,
all of the accents and shades of skin,

cada par de ojos en quien uno podía caída.
Nuestro fastuoso, nuestro bendijo cornucopia.


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