2011 Film Recap

It feels like I haven’t seen as many films as I have previously, and certainly not all of the films I had on my list. But that’s how it goes, so here’s a list of what I saw, followed by my top seven.

2011 Movies I’ve Seen

The Artist (charming and creative though it felt 12-15 min too long)
Drive (has a number of awesome moments and Gosling’s dope, but didn’t stick with me that much)
The Ides of March (refer to “Drive” comments)
Melancholia (was very close to making my top seven but was missing a little something. the end scene is so good though.)
The Descendants (tried too hard to be both funny and tragic, but wasn’t a waste of money)
Bridesmaids (had a couple of moments I could have done without, but was damn good)
Red State (meh. the trailer was so much more interesting.)
The Muppets (VERY close to my top 7. so funny and touching. might elevate it later.)

#7: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (a surprise choice for most romantic film moment of the year for me. “may I kill him?” “yes.”)
#6: Shame (a refreshingly direct film, whose protagonist isn’t actually a person, but touch. unadorned, human touch.)
#5: Martha Marcy May Marlene (very effective blurring of past and present, though the end felt wholly unnecessary. everything else was too good though to deny it a spot.)
#4: Hugo (magic, man. didn’t even see it in 3D, and it felt like love letter magic.)
#3: Columbiana (a surprise for me, but I really liked this. great action, great central acting by Zoe Saldana, and a pair of characters I really cared about. pleasant surprise of the year.)
#2: My Week With Marilyn (Michelle Williams caught Marilyn. she bottled the magic and gave it back to us. and the movie itself just gave me the goodies.)
#1: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (this fuckin movie. blueprint to revolution. straight up.)


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